Gert & Uwe Tobias

Today, whilst I was walking around the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery, I walked past this image. This is an image made by Gert & Uwe Tobias are brother artists that grew up in Transilvania, whose work is influenced by traditional folk art and abstract art from the early 20th century. (I appologise for the poor qualty of the image) These influenced combined create work that is vividly coloured and very dramatic and eye catching.

For me their work is both haunthing and alluring. It strangly scares me a little bit but I just cant stop looking at it. I find the work captivating. For me the work is interesting and informative about folklore in Europe, their ghoulish creatures capture that spookiness of the folklore but in a manner that remains cheery and colourful. Thsi for me is what I think of what I think of folklore and folk art.

This was a thoughly enjoyable little part of the exhbitions that I saw, whilst there.


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